Microsoft-OfficeMicrosoft Office Specialist

This is an opportunity for qualified candidates to gain experience in the new Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2016 exams for free – with a free beta voucher! The exam is for 120 minutes and available in English only.


The exam covers following PowerPoint topics:
  1. Create and Manage Presentations
  2. Insert and Format Slides.
  3. Modify Slides, Handouts, and Notes.
  4. Order and Group Slides.
  5. Change Presentation Options and Views.
  6. Configure a Presentation for Print.
  7. Configure and Present a Slide Show.
  8. Insert and Format Text, Shapes, Text Boxes and Images
  9. Order and Group Objects.
  10. Insert and Format Tables, Charts, SmartArt Graphics, and Media
  11. Apply Slide Transitions.
  12. Animate Slide Content.
  13. Set Timing for Transitions and Animations.
  14. Merge Content from Multiple Presentations.
  15. Finalize Presentations.


Exam Location: NR Computer Learning Center,
                  1835 W. Orangewood, Suite 200
                  Orange, CA 92868.
Exam Date & Time: 5/2 to 5/30/2016
Cost: Free


We’ve only a few vouchers left. So if you are interested in MOS PowerPoint 2016 Certificate exam, call us at (714) 505-3475 or fill in the form below.