Increasing Demands in Technology

Tech workersDue to rapid improvements in technology, human society is forever changing.  Today, the world can enjoy many innovative processes that saves time and resources. People anywhere in the world can immediately communicate with friends and family regardless of geography and time of day.  Workers now are far more productive than ever before.  Furthermore, greater levels of human creativity have been unlock due to more powerful hardware and software.

Because of this huge boom, the market demand for technological savvy employees is exponentially rising.  The knowledge economy is creating new industries such as cloud computing, and mobile app development.  Even analog fields are being transformed by information technology.  Stalwart industries such as manufacturing, marketing, and retail are adopting new technology to improve their operations.  To benefit from this watershed event, young people today need reorient themselves towards the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields.

The United State Labor and Statistic Bureau predicts that the growth of STEM related jobs will outpace non-STEM jobs in the next decade.  On average, STEM workers will earn 26% more than their non-STEM counterparts.  Overall in the US, there are more STEM related job vacancies than there are applicants to fill them.  For that reason, STEM graduates enjoy a low rate of unemployment of 5.3% versus the National average of 7.2% in 2012.

Students today can prepare for career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by preparing early.  The NR Computer Learning Center recommends that young people today partake in Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Program for a head start.

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