Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 2016 is filled with new productivity enhancement and collaboration features that help you accomplish your work more effectively and efficiently. With Office 2016 collaboration feature, you can easily share the documents on the web and get the work done from anywhere, you can express your ideas and create visual impact to make your ideas stand out, increase your productivity with easy-to-use tools, easily manage and analyze your data and present it in a meaningful ways to help make a better decision, and easily share your files with anyone on the web and edit the documents at the same time. NR Computer Learning Center (NRCLC) offers hands-on instructor led training, online training and one-on-one lesson in using Microsoft Office 2016 Software – Project, Access and Excel. NRCLC also provide on site training and assistance in preparing for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification Exam.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Exam

mos The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certifications is worldwide, performance-based certification program that validates the skills individual with respect to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OutLook, Access) and Windows Vista. For more information on Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification, click here (Frequently Asked Questions). We provide Instructor-led hands-on and online classes in Microsoft Office 2016 applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook). We also provide facility for students to take the exam for the MOS Certification program.