NHS Computer Club

The Intro to Computer Science classes I took the summer before starting AP Computer Science were really helpful in exposing me to the material covered in the class—with this prior knowledge, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the material when learning it the second time around, and that really helped me succeed in the class. Moreover, Vazi was kind enough to support me in re-founding my high school's Computer Science Club. I wanted to get involved in CS competitions, and after hearing my interest, Vazi offered to provide us with free online classes in Java that ultimately helped us prepare for the 2018 Dave Wittry Memorial Programming Competition at Troy High School. All of the team members are so grateful for NRCLC's support - the competition experience is one neither I nor the rest of the team will ever forget.

Summer Tech Camp

I have taken several courses before, and I loved them.

Summer Computer Camp

"I would love to do one more camp as I really enjoyed it last summer"

Summer Computer Camp

I really enjoyed my summer class lst summer and wish I could do more.

Microsoft Word training

“An excellent instructor and excellent training course!”

Microsoft Excel Basic training

“A valuable learning experience for me. I am pleased to recommend your learning center to others!”
C. Matthews

Microsoft PowerPoint training

“I would recommend your [NRCLC] training facility to anyone!”
M. Bennett

Microsoft SharePoint training

“Thank you so much! I thoroughly enjoyed the [MS SharePoint 2010] class and was thrilled to apply the knowledge so quickly.”
P. Olsen