What is an Oracle Database?

An Oracle Database is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) developed by Oracle Corporation. The Oracle Corporation is a U.S. based multinational technology company headquartered in Northern California. Oracle database was the first commercially available RDBMS in 1979. According to DB-Ranking Engine, the Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server are the most popular relational databases in the industry.

A Relational database consists table with relevant data to ensure that the data is organized in a way so that it is readily available by the user who has permission to access the data. The information in the tables are organized, and a user can be retrieve, update, store, delete and manage those data based on their access level.

A Relational Database Management System contains tables, also known as entities, with data and maintains information regarding the relationship between the tables. A table is made up of one or more COLUMNS, and ROWS. A column name in a table represents a unique property of the entity. Each row in a table contains a unique (no instance of duplicate rows) value. In a relational database, each table is related/linked to another table by having one or more column(s) data being linked. The data in a database is accessed using Structured Query Language (SQL).

To understand “Database” concept in-depth, one would have to take one or more courses that give students the hands-on experience in creating and managing data using Oracle database. Some of the recommended courses would be SQL, PL/SQL and Database Administration (DBA). These courses are taught at multiple locations.

NR Computer Learning Center (NRCLC) is an Oracle partner and offers online and classroom training in using Oracle database. For more information, click here.The data is accessed from the database using Structured Query Language (SQL).

In order to understand “Database” concept in-depth, one could take one or more courses that give you hands-on experience on creating and using the database. Some of the recommended courses would be SQL, PL/SQL, Database Administration (DBA).  These courses are taught at multiple locations and also available online. NR Computer Learning Center (NRCLC), an Oracle partner, offers hands on training and one year online student subcription available anytime and anywhere in United States with online training, practice test and exam voucher.

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