What is SQL and PL/SQL and Why get certified?

SQL and PL/SQL are languages used for managing data in a database.

Oracle Certified Associate Training

SQL stands for Structured Query Language (pronounced SEQUAL or S-Q-L).  Most of the Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) support SQL. Therefore, the skills learned for managing data in one database are transferable to managing data on other databases. Also, the programs written in SQL on one database are transferable to other databases with minor changes, especially if the programs are written using ANSI SQL. In 1986, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) initially developed the standards for the SQL language.

PL in PL/SQL stands for Procedural Language.  PL/SQL is a combination of SQL and procedural features of the programming languages developed by Oracle Corporation. Programs written in PL/SQL language are also known as a stored procedure because the programs written using PL/SQL language are compiled by the Oracle Database server, and they are stored in the database. During the run-time, the PL/SQL commands are executed within the server for optimal performance. PL/SQL supports both static and dynamic SQL. The advantage of using Oracle’s PL/SQL is that the PL/SQL combines the data-manipulation power of SQL with the processing power of procedural languages.

So, Why get Certified in Oracle’s SQL and PL/SQL?

Oracle Corporation is one of the largest organizations that offer certifications in SQL and PL/SQL.

Following are few good reasons to get certified in Oracle SQL and PL/SQL:
1. Test your understanding of Oracle products and the command of the SQL language.
2. Increase your credibility on your resume/job interview.
3. Increase chances of salary advancement.
4. Increase chances of career/promotion advancement.
5. 97% of the Global Fortune 500 companies use Oracle software

However, where does one start when they become interested in these languages?

There are various hands-on classroom and online training offered by different vendors, but one, in particular, stands out – NR Computer Learning Center. NR Computer Learning Center is an Oracle partnered organization that offers online student subscription and classroom training for both, SQL and PL/SQL, through Oracle and Workforce. Discounted rates are available. Inquire by visiting NR Computer Learning Center.

For those who live in the United States, NR Computer Learning Center offers live support and assistance for their classes. To receive a certificate from Oracle, the student must pass the exam offered at Pearson VUE, anywhere in the nation. The students who signup through NRCLC for Oracle training have the opportunity to purchase a discounted voucher for an Oracle exam and utilize the NRCLC facility to take an in-person exam at their Orange, Southern California location.

It is never too late to expand your skill set and upgrade your resume by signing up for a class. Take a class today!

For more information, please call 714-505-3475 or visit www.nrclc.com.
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