Which Programming language is better to learn for developing Games – C++ or C# ?

If you are serious about getting into the game industry, my recommendation would be to learn both languages: C++ and C#.

Both languages, C++ and C#, are very similar with few difference in the syntax and functionalists. C# compare to C++ is easier to comprehend. However, once you understand one language, it doesn’t take very long time to pick up another programming language.

 C++ (since 1985) has been out longer than C# (since 2000), so most of the earlier games have been developed in C++. Prior to Microsoft’s .Net 4.0,  C++ gave programmers more control over the memory usage, as a result, they were able to develop faster game is C++. So, if you are thinking of maintaining an existing code for game then you might want to learn C++ because most of the games were developed in C++. However, during the last few years, Microsoft have worked on improving their tools and now C# is as mature as any language, including C++, for developing games. Most of the Xbox 360 games are developed in C#.NET.

One more difference between C# and C++ is that when a program is developed in C#, it is designed to run on Windows not Linux or Mac. Since C++ is more of a generic language that can run on any of the platform, a game developed in C++ will run on any platform.

Vazi Okhandiar

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