3 Reasons for Considering Online Classes During Covid-19

Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the world in many ways. The education sector is one of the hardest hit among many. A survey by UNESCO reveals that around 1.3 billion learners were out of schools or university during Covid-19 and most of them turned to online education.

So why are online classes worth your money during Covid-19? Well, the benefits are many and they deserve a mention here:

1.    You Are Protected from the Virus

Corona Virus has emerged as a deadly predator that has claimed over 800,000 deaths and the numbers are increasing. In the present scenario, online classes seem to be a viable solution for educating kids. With online courses, kids can stay busy and their minds get the stimulus they need while at home.

2.    Higher Memory Retention

It is a proven fact that students who attend online classes are likely to retain information longer than students who attend physical classes. According to a survey by Shift, students who participate in e-learning have a 25%-60% higher retention rate than students who engage in physical classrooms.

3.    You Can Attend a Class at Your Comfort

The biggest advantage of online classes is that the students can work at their comfort. This benefits the students in more than one way. Firstly, they are able to easily attend online classes from the convenience of their homes. Secondly, they can get assistance from their parents at any time during class. Furthermore, the parents have more control over the educational activities of their kids as they can supervise their kids while they attend the online classes.

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