Career in Technology

Software Developer

systems-software-developerTotal number of U.S. workers: 392,300
10-year growth projection: 32.4%
Annual salary range: $77,720 to $120,500
Typical education: bachelor’s degree

This is a nerd’s world, and we’re all benefiting from it. With the computerization of everything from cell phones to cars to coffee makers, the development of new systems software has become an essential part of our lives. Demand for more sophisticated cybersecurity and digital health records should also provide new jobs for techies. Then there is rising demand for applications software developers, who create everything from word-processing programs to apps for tablets and smart phones.

A college degree in computer science or software engineering is the entry point for most software-development jobs. Employers may even look for someone with a master’s degree to fill certain positions. Either way, you must have a strong background in programming and be able to keep up with changes in the field, such as the introduction of new tools and computer languages. Systems software developers enjoy the highest pay of anyone on our list and have a shot at a six-figure salary.

Information Security

computer-network-administratorTotal number of U.S. workers: 347,200
10-year growth projection: 27.8%
Annual salary range: $55,150 to $90,160
Typical education: bachelor’s degree

Thank the hackers for this thriving career opportunity. Increasing digital dangers are pushing Uncle Sam, state and local governments, and companies of all stripes to protect their technology and beef up information security. Hospitals and doctors’ offices, in particular, will need help managing their expanding networks as they begin to keep more digital records, as firms invest in newer and faster systems.

To get started as a network administrator, who runs the day-to-day operations of an organization’s computer network, you’ll likely need a sheepskin in computer or information science. A degree in computer engineering or electrical engineering may work, too. Some companies may also want you to get certified to use certain products, usually by Microsoft, Red Hat or Cisco.

Technology FOR TEENS

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