Computer Camp for Teens (Summer Program)

The United States education system was birth out of the industrial revolution. The constraints of that time are reflected on how the public system operates in the US. One aspect of our antique school system is the three month summer vacation. Originally set-up to accommodate agrarian families, the long break allowed school age children help the family farm with the summertime harvest.  This system has been unchanged for over a century, and as the country moving into the 21st century the status quo is holding our young people back.

On average, American school children spend 180 school days out of the year due to generous time off.  However, school age children of other industrialized countries spend on average 240 days in school.  This clear contrast shows how the American school system is lagging and hindering students’ academic growth. Studies have shown that the long three-month summer break is causing learning lost.  Learning lost is a phenomenon where all the educational momentum is lost from the school year.  A student will forget a full month of instruction and tutoring due to learning lost.  Which means as the school year begins, the pupil is one month behind and this interval has a butterfly effect on the learning experience throughout a child’s grade school career.

It’s a proven fact that when students spend more time in school, it generates a mulitude of positive educational outcomes.  For one, students become more comfortable and fluent in hard subjects such as math and science due to the extra time.  Also, students increase their reading comprehension and civic social skills.  Furthermore, grade school children are more likely to graduate high school and attend a secondary form of education, whether it be college or vocational training.

The long and fruitless summer vacation should be obsolete as old computers.  Technology has changed our economy from focusing on agricultural society to a one that is focused on knowledge.  A knowledge base economy demands more educated workers and more school hours for training.

NR Computer Learning Center, located in Southern California, has been running Computer Camp since Summer of 2004. The summer program is geared for kids under the age of 18. Student learn programming languages, such as C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 through Game Programming. The program is geared to encourage students to convert their ideas to action. Furthermore, NR Computer Learning Center, has partnered with Microsoft and local Colleges and Universities to introduce Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) program to teens. Once the student passes one of the Microsoft exam, the student receives a Microsoft Certificate, which he/she can use for college credit, entry level jobs and to demonstrate the skill and knowledge in technology. For more information on the computer camp at NR Computer Learning, visit

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About NR Computer Learning Center:

NR Computer Learning Center (NRCLC), located in Orange County in California, works with schools, colleges and companies to help students build career in Technical field. NRCLC provides hands-on instructor led classroom training, online training and private one-on-one training. NR Computer Learning Center specializes in Microsoft Technologies and Open Source Technologies. Visit for more information.

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