Potential Jobs for MOS Certificate Holders

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) refers to a series of examinations and certifications that validate an individual’s proficiency in Microsoft Office suite. The certifications never expire, and they are great assets in anyone’s resume or college application. There are various job industries that welcome or even require applicants to have MOS certifications to grow within the organization. For example, here are just a few jobs that Microsoft products play a big role in:

Health Information Technicians

The responsibility of a health information technician includes reviewing patient’s record, maintaining data, tracking patient information, analyzing data and generating reports. Drafting documents and managing data requires familiarity with Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel and database. The median pay is about $17 with an industry growth rate of 15% and candidates at a minimum require high school diploma.

Legal Assistants

A paralegals and legal assistants helps lawyers prepare for hearing, trials, and corporate meetings. They work at law offices, legal departments, and government agencies. Legal assistants file paperwork, schedule clients, write reports and draft legal documents. Drafting documents and managing worksheets require familiarity with Microsoft programs such as Word and Excel. The median pay is about $22 with an industry growth rate of 8% and candidates only need an Associate’s Degree in Legal Studies.

Marketing Research Analysts

Marketing research analysts study market conditions to determine the demand for the product,  potential customers and at what price to sell them. Analyzing market research data requires expertise in data analytics tools such as Microsoft Excel, SQL Server and BI tool. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay is about $29 per hour with an industry growth rate of 19%. The minimum requirement is a Bachelor’s degree.

Financial Analyst

A financial analysts help individual and businesses make investment decisions, based on the assessing the performance of their stocks, bonds and other types of investments. Analyzing financial data requires familiarity with data analytics tools such as Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, and BI tool. The median pay is about $37 per hour with an industry growth rate of 12% with a minimum requirement of a Bachelor’s degree.

Administrative Services Managers

An Administrative Services Managers job is suitable for college graduates with less than five years of experience, especially ones in the Management field. Median pay is about $40 hourly but along with it comes great responsibilities: Setting goals and deadlines, monitor records, plan budgets, and oversee equipment maintenance. This type of job requires the candidate to be proficient in Excel, databases and Project Management.

With all those job potentials, it is important for students to take the initiative in getting started on the certification track while they are still in college or university. The MOS Certification is a great learning experience, and it helps a serious job seeker stand out from the crowd.

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Reference: US Department of Labor. Bureau of Labor Statistics


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