Programming Raspberry Pi with Python

This hands-on introductory-level course enables students to utilize Python programming on LINUX operating System to build game and application. Students will use the Raspberry Pi, a popular microcontroller, to learn how to build the circuit board to run simple programs and watch yout code come alive with your circuit board. This is an excellent introductory course to programming language and operating system for students interested in computer science, software development or Engineering.

Prereq: Introduction to programming language such as C, C++, JavaScript, Java or Python.


  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi
  • Equipments required
  • Installing OS: NOOBS
  • Building NOOBS on an SD card
  • Introduction to Linux Administration
  • Usefull Linux command (ls, cd, pwd, ..)
  • Installing Scratch with GPIO
  • ScratchGPIO
  • Example 1: Hello World
  • Example 2: Animation and Sound
  • Introduction to Python
  • Installing Python
  • Example 1: Hello World
  • Example 2: Input, variable and loop
  • Example 3: Game with Pygame
  • Introduction to Minecraft Pi Edition
  • Installing Minecraft
  • Running Minecraft
  • Exploring Minecraft
  • Raspberry Pi Camera Module
  • Installing and configuring Kodi


image010 image004 image007 image002 image003  image006 image015