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For the past ten years, federal expenditures on education and investment in technology represented on average 3% of the total US budget. Many schools in the United States today do not offer electives in programming or engineering.  Furthermore, many institution do not have the proper infrastructure for computer science or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning.  The schools in the rural areas of the U.S. have inadequate access to high speed internet.  Also, due to recent budget cuts many school district across the U.S. are cutting funding for computer labs or extra curricular activities like art and music.  tech chart

Only a few select schools, notably private schools and wealthy school districts have the capital to prepare their students for innovative careers.  This puts the public school system at a marked disadvantage.  Studies have shown that the United States education system is woefully behind in science and technology.  In the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), the US ranked 26 out of 34 in math and 21st in science and technology.

The disparity in computer and science education is clear among many dividing lines.  Whether it be rich v. poor, or rural v. coastal, the majority of young Americans are not prepared for the most exciting fast growing carrier in the field of technology.  Training companies, like NR Computer Learning Center, provides online and onsite programs (such as programming in C++, Java, Object-Oriented Programming language, and more…) for teens who want to start preparing their career in the field of technology.

To prepare for Career in Computer Science, enroll in the following

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About NR Computer Learning Center:

NR Computer Learning Center (NRCLC), located in Orange County in California, works with schools, colleges and companies to help students build career in Technical field. NRCLC provides hands-on instructor led classroom training, online training and private one-on-one training. NR Computer Learning Center specializes in Microsoft Technologies and Open Source Technologies. Visit for more information.

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