Technology Training

NR Computer Learning Center (NRCLC) offers companies and individuals from beginners to advanced levels customized Information Technology (IT) training programs.


NRCLC provides services related to developing customized training programs focused on clients’ specific needs.  We have designed custom refresher courses to meet the needs of our clients as well as onboarding courses for new professionals. When developing customized IT training for an organization, we aim to ensure that the users perceive the technology easy to use and its usefulness in improving productivity.

Our ERP customized training development starts by understanding the people, processes, and technology. The ERP training program development includes the following tasks :

  • Develop training modules for the understanding of the fundamentals of various ERP modules
  • Develop training modules to explain how the ERP process transforms the organizational process, how they are linked to other business processes across the organization, and how the data flow within the system.
  • Develop problem-solving training that reflects the actual daily operations of users and how to solve the problems.
  • Develop a user-friendly user manual to reflect the job characteristics to support end-user tasks.
  • Develop various training courses available to end-users at different stages of the ERP lifecycle to provide particular knowledge, business knowledge, and problem-solving knowledge.
  • Determine the role of each end user in the re-engineered business workflow after the EMR implementation.
  • Create a roadmap to “migrate” end users from the legacy system to the new enterprise software
  • Train super users in helping end-users utilize the ERP system without hassles.
  • Educate end-users on the new business processes and train them on the steps involved in using the latest software.
  • Define the processes for managing the learning materials in various formats such as videos, bite-sized modules, etc.
  • Develop benchmarks to evaluate the effectiveness of the ERP training program.
  • Set up a help desk to assist users to resolve issues as they begin to use the new software.

NRCLC utilizes the following roadmap for developing a customized ERP training program:

Customized Training Development Roadmap


For individual professionals seeking industry instruction and certification, we provide courses through our partner’s training offering listed at Those who are interested in furthering their education in cybersecurity, data analytics, and data science can register for classes taught by our expert instructors delivered live online and in-person at

We provide courses for individual professionals seeking on-demand classes through our partner’s training offering list at

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