What is the difference between QuickBooks 2010 and 2012?

Following is a list of new features that have been introduced in QuickBooks 2012 to help small businesses improve productivity and efficiency in managing financial data:

  1. In QuickBooks 2012, Intuit introduced Customer Snapshot option that allows user to view their key customer information at a glance. With this option, the user is able to view consolidated information, such as purchase history, average days to pay, and outstanding balance, about the customer. Using Customer Snapshot option, the user can view their top customers by revenue and payment consistency.
  2. Using QuickBooks 2012, a user can now create a batch of invoices for customers with the same service. The invoice needs to be created once and then you can send the invoice to the select customer(s
  3. In QuickBooks 2012, a user has the option to use advance QuickBooks Search option. The advance option allows user to quickly find information about accounts, reports, or invoices. The user can simply enter the keyword into the search area and the search result with return relevant information, such as, reports, invoices and contact information.
  4. QuickBooks 2012 contains a Collections Center that the user can utilize to stay on top of the accounts receivables status. By using the Collection Center, the user can quickly pinpoint the overdue invoices and send collections notices to the customer by email.
  5. In QuickBooks 2012, the user can view important details about customer or vendor transaction information at a glance, without switching screens..

Note: These are the additional changes, besides the new and improved changes mentioned in the “What is new in QuickBooks 2012?” article.

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