What’s New in Excel 2013

Along with the arrival of Windows 8, Microsoft has also updated Microsoft Office 2010 to meet the challenges faced by changing IT and business landscape. Following are new features that have been added to Microsoft Excel 2013:

  • Redesigned User Interface and touchscreen support: The first noticeable improvement of Excel 2013 is the new aesthetics, redesign layout of the start screen and the ribbon. With this redesigned interface, Microsoft Excel can now operate effectively on Tablet computers and smartphones. The new Excel layout makes the touchscreen experience as rich and productive as its keyboard counterpart. The user can either use thier fingers or a pen to navigate the speadsheet using a touch-screen.
  • Flash Fill: Excel’s new smart analysis gives the user a handy flash fill function. The new Excel can automatically fill cells with relevant data. For example, when creating a monthly payroll, the user can just type in the employee’s name and Excel can flash fill the rest of the employee’s information such as address, and phone numbers in the proper cells. The flash fill feature can save the user valuable time if used correctly.
  • Quick Analysis: The Quick Analysis feature of Excel 2013 is automatically activated after the user highlights the data cells that he/she is interest in. In the lower right corner of the selected cells is the quick analysis tab. This tool quickly gives the user possible options to organize the selected data. Whether it is graphs, charts, or pivot tables, the quick analysis tool will recommend the best template to showcase the data in very detail fashion. Also Quick Analysis gives a flash preview of the recommended template for the user to inspect. This function increase productivity by automatically formatting information and data for the user.
  • Cloud Enable and Online Sharing: The newly introduce Windows 8 and Microsoft Office can now harness the power of the cloud. Microsoft Excel 2013 has the ability to interact with the cloud and the web in a more meaning-full way. One of which is peer to peer sharing. In a peer-to-peer sharing environement, a user can share their Excel file via Microsoft SkyDrive with approved users to review their work. With the new online capabilities, sharing files via Excel online or even social networking sites are a breeze in the 2013 edition.
  • Web apps: Web apps are unique add-on that can help customize Excel’s performance to the user’s individual needs and taste. Various apps can be obtain through the office store.

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