Why Invest in Technology

It is a technology powered world today. Every facet of the average person’s live is somehow touched by advance computers. Even the mundane task of taking a trip to the store has been heavily augmented by computers. For example, when you go for a shopping, you might have used a GPS device in a phone or car to plan out the most efficient route. To save time, you might have even used  technology to identify smarter route with traffic lights. When you enter a store, you may have browsed a wireless enabled device to compare prices and download coupons. Then at checkout, when you purchase your goods with a credit card, the store is using its secure network to process the payments. These tasks are made easily accessible to the consumer with the using technologies to improve efficiency and productivity.

Tech workersAs the world gets more influenced by high-tech computers, the demand for highly educated workers to support the growth in technical field is growing exponentially. The 21st century will be shaped by a series of ones and zeroes. Investing in a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and career is the a way to benefit from watershed moment in history.

According to US News, one of the benefit of investing in a technology education is that tech workers are poised to earn 26% more in average income than their non-STEM counterparts. The reason being that sizable job growth will be found in the STEM fields, as advances in technology will make some industries and processes obsolete. Also, the demand for STEM workers in worldwide will make a person with techology skills very marketable in the international job market. Another return on investment in a STEM education is job security. Currently, the national unemployment for STEM workers is 2 to 3% lower than the national rate.

2-it-trainingThe entire world is being revolutionized by microprocessors. Many people imagine that computer programmers and engineers are just folks in front of a computer hammering at the keys. However, there is much diversities in the STEM field. For instance, computer engineer can be found in every field from art to aerospace to medical. STEM graduates can apply their skills in building a 3D movie for Disney or DreamWorks, help design cars, planes & high-speed trains and to  much more…

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