Excel 2013: Benefits and Opportunities of Taking Data Analyst Training

Computers make up a large portion of people’s lives. However, many people can just barely use the full potential of their computers. Programs like Microsoft Excel are used in many different situations, but most people do not know how to operate it without instructions or guidebooks. The same can be said about computer languages, most people who work on a computer do not know how computer’s “talk” or work. There are many computer languages that go unnoticed by most of the general public. Even though computers are an important part of people’s daily routines, most people don’t know how to use them to their full potential.

Some of the issues can be easily solved by taking computer classes, and they can be taken in multiple ways. In-person allows for a more direct teaching method, and classes are on a predetermined schedule. The other option is online classes where the classes can be taken anywhere as long as the person taking the classes has access to the internet and a computer.
Currently, for people who live in Orange County in Southern California, there is the option to take computer classes’ in-person. NR Computer Learning Center is specifically offering computer classes in Excel and Python at Irvine Valley College. The instructor led classroom training are going to be eight weeks long on Saturdays, and will cost $424 per course. These classes are perfect for those who work as a data analyst or wanting to analyze data using Microsoft Excel.

The classes being offered this September are “Introduction to Python”, “Excel 2013: Using Formulas and Functions” and “Excel 2013: Data Analysis and Building Dashboard”. Excel 2013 classes will begin this September on the 17th and the Into to Python begins a week later.
People who have computer basics, and know how to operate programs at least a little bit are ideal candidates for these classes. These classes can increase employability and enhance a person’s analytical skills.

 Nr Computer Learning Center is constantly offering a variety of classes associated with The classes start at computer basics to advance computer programming to preparing for Microsoft, Oracle, CIW, IC3, and AP® Computer Science Exam.

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