Internet & Computing Core Certification (IC3)


Certiport’s Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3®) Digital Literacy Certification is an ideal certification for anyone who wants to demonstrate critical computer and Internet skills valued in today’s academic and professional environments. IC³ is the world’s first certification program for digital literacy and the most commonly recognized standard of digital literacy today. IC³ is both accepted for college credit by the American Council on Education (ACE) and aligned with the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) for teachers and students from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). Students and teachers who achieve IC³ certification possess the validated skills and knowledge required for the basic use of computer hardware, software, networks, and the Internet. Not only are they given tools for success in the 21st Century classroom but also for higher education, employment, and life.

IC3® CS5 Certification

IC3 GS5 certification is comprised of 3 exams: Computing Fundamentals, Living Online, and Key Application. IC3 Digital Literacy includes concepts and skills that apply to almost any school or career pathway. It’s the ideal solution for any student or jobseeker looking to validate their digital skills.
To become IC³ certified, you must pass all of the following three exams (each exam takes less than an hour to complete):

IC3® CS6 Certification

IC3 Digital Literacy Global Standard 6 (GS6) is the latest version of the IC3 Digital Literacy Program. The certification covers the seven digital literacy domains: Technology Basics, Digital Citizenship, Information Management, Content Creation, Communication, Collaboration, Safety, and Security.
To become IC³ certified, you must pass all of the following three exams (each exam takes less than an hour to complete):

  • IC3 GS6 Level 1:  Measures the knowledge of fundamental concepts and essential components.
  • IC3 GS6 Level 2: requires a working knowledge of each of the seven skill groups.
  • IC3 GS6 Level 3: validates an advanced understanding of digital literacy and indicates that the candidate has the technical foundation needed to advance successfully along their educational and employment paths and support the development of more specialized technological skills.

IC3® GS5 Spark

IC3 Spark covers objectives spanning basic computing skills, key applications (word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications), and the use of the Internet. The single 50-minute exam IC3 Spark is designed for a younger audience.

IC PHP Developer Fundamentals

The IC PHP Developer Fundamentals exam is an entry-level certification designed to validate the fundamental knowledge of technology that a candidate will need to pursue a career in software development with PHP.


  • Certification exams feature industry-leading testing technology that is both knowledge- and performance-based
  • A portable credential that is valued anywhere and accessible through online digital transcripts
  • Prepares students with tools for higher education or an industry-recognized credential for employment in the 21st Century
  • Provides teachers with the confidence to integrate computer and Internet technology across the curriculum
  • Creates verifiable proof of reaching state or federal technology requirements for teachers and students

Target Audience

  • Anyone seeking to gain a working knowledge of computers and the Internet
  • Workforce members seeking professional development
  • Job Corps or other vocational participants
  • Employers looking to validate skills
  • Community or technical college students
  • Continuing education students
  • High school students
  • GED students
  • Small Business