FAQ: Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

1. What is Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate?

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certificate is an industry-standard certification from Microsoft, and it is a way to showcase your proficiency in using Microsoft Office products. MOS Certificate shows that an individual has attained a certain level of expertise with Microsoft Office. It involves an examination to measure the selected Microsoft Office product (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook).

2. What are the benefits of the MOS Certification?

The MOS certification measures an individual’s expertise in using Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook). The Certificate can help individuals improve confidence in today’s competitive job market and result in higher earning potential. The MOS Certification also helps employee increase their productivity and credibility with their colleagues and clients. As an employer, Certification helps them find the right individual for the project with the right skill level and capabilities. Following is a list of some of the benefits of obtaining a Microsoft Certificate:

  • Validate your skills as a job seeker
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Get your resume noticed
  • Gain recognition from your employer
  • Leverage the power of the Microsoft brand

3. Are there different levels of MOS Certification?

The MOS certificate consists of 3 levels of certifications: Specialist, Expert, and Master.

To be classified as a MOS Associate, you must pass any three of the following exams:

  • MO 100: Microsoft Word 2019 Associate
  • MO 200: Microsoft  Excel 2019 Associate
  • MO 300: Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Associate
  • MO 400: Microsoft Outlook 2019 Associate

To be classified as a MOS Expert, you must pass any one of the following exams:

  • MO 101Microsoft Word 2019 Expert
  • MO 201: Microsoft Excel 2019 Expert
  • MO 500: Microsoft Access 2019 Expert
  • plus MOS Associate

4. What is the process for getting a MOS Certificate?

It is a five-step process:

Step 1. Select the Microsoft Office product you wish to certify in (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, or Outlook)

Step 2. Prepare for the Exam

Step 3. Order a Voucher for the Exam

Step 4. Schedule to take an exam at a Certiport Authorized Testing Center.
NR Computer Learning Center is an Authorized Testing Center for the MOS exam.
To schedule to take a MOS exam at NR Computer Learning Center, click here.

Step 5. Take the Exam on the scheduled day.

Within four weeks of passing the MOS exam, you will receive from Microsoft an official certificate in the mail with a Microsoft logo that highlights your accomplishment.

5. How can I become a MOS Master Instructor (MI)?

To achieve MOS Master Instructor (MI) status, you need to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: You must take and pass all of the exams required to become a MOS Master (see above).

Step 2: Satisfy any one of the following teaching credentials:

  • A diploma or transcript from an accredited educational institution, verifying that you have met the requirements for a teaching or training degree or a copy of your teaching certificate or post-graduate degree.
  • A written letter (on company letterhead) from a current or past employer, verifying you have had at least two years of experience as a competent trainer of Microsoft Office desktop programs.
  • A certificate verifying you have completed a Microsoft-approved Presentation Skills or Train-the-Trainer course.
  • An instructor completion certificate from any following vendors: CSO Group, CompTIA, Certified Internet Webmaster, Cisco Systems, Citrix, Microsoft (MCT), Oracle, or Santa Cruz Operation.

Step 3: Email proof of your instructional experience or credentials to microsoftinstructor@certiport.com

Step 4: You will receive an email to submit your application fee. After the application fee is paid off, It will take approximately four weeks to process the application.

6. How do I register for a MOS Certification exam?

To register for a proctored MOS certification exam, click here.

The MOS exam is approximately one hour long. The score is based on the result, not on time taken to complete the test. The test results are displayed immediately and can be printed after the test.

Microsoft mails an official Microsoft certificate with Microsoft logo to candidates four to six weeks after successfully passing the Exam. It’s a valuable credential recognized worldwide. It is proof that you have the Specialized knowledge in Microsoft Office products required to work more productively and efficiently than many of your peers.

7. Does NR Computer Learning Center (NRCLC) provide any assistance in preparing for the Exam?

NRCLC provides hands-on training at the training facility located in Santa Ana in California. For information on scheduled hands-on training classes, visit our website at https://www.nrclc.com/Schedule.htm.

For people interested in online training, NRCLC provides an option to purchase instructor-led online courses and Self-paced online courses.

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For more information, refer to the Microsoft Office Certification website.