FAQ: National College Testing Association (NCTA)

What is NCTA?

National College Testing Association (NCTA) works with testing center to establish high standards and best practices for test administration and to create ethical guidelines that ensure equal consideration for all candidates regardless of their background. NCTA’s mission is to promote professionalism and quality in the administration of testing services and programs.  NCTA also works with the Consortium of College Testing (CCTC) to make test administration services available to support distance learning.

Is NR Computer Learning Center (NRCLC) a subscriber of NCTA?

Yes. For listing visit https://www.ncta-testing.org

As a subscriber of NCTA, what services does NRCLC provides?

As a subscriber of NCTA, NRCLC provides students who are enrolled in distance education the opportunity to take examinations in a proctored environment. NRCLC also serve individuals and organization in need of a supervised location in which to test Paper-Based Tests (PBT) and Computer-Based Tests (CBT) exams.
: https://www.ncta-testing.org/cctc-guidelines

What is the NRCLC’s schedule policy for NCTA exam?

All examinations must be scheduled prior to the exam date. It is the examiner’s responsibility to contact the NRCLC at 714-505-3475 and their institution or the professor before scheduling their exam.
Note: An institution or organization that want their employee or student to take an exam in a proctored environment, please contact NRCLC at 714-505-3475.

Are there any charges?

There is a proctoring fee for taking the exam in a proctored environment. The exam is monitored by a certified proctor. The proctoring fee is paid prior to taking the test. The payment is based on the exam hours. There is a different price for paper-based testing and computer-based testing.

What are the benefits of taking an exam at an NCTA’s subscriber site?

The benefit of taking an exam at an NCTA’s subscriber site, such as NRCLC, is to have the confidence that the services available to students and job seekers taking the exam away from their campuses and institutions, will include a secured-professional environment monitored by a certified proctor.

How do I set up an out of state test at NRCLC?

To set up an out of state test at NRCLC, located in Southern California, please call the center at (714) 505-3475.

Can I take a proctored exam at NRCLC and how do I register for the exam?

To take the proctored exam at NRCLC, follow the steps listed below:

  • Click on the link https://www.nrclc.com/national-college-testing-association-ncta
  • While on NCTA page scroll down and click on the “here” button to schedule for the exam and pay for the proctoring fee.
  • On the day of the exam, you should bring with you an unexpired original government issued id with a picture and signature. No copies or pictures of an id is acceptable. A driver’s license will do.

For question, contact us at 714-505-3475.